Beta – Yay!

So we launched a super exciting new beta today.. It’s not very finished, and it’s going to get a lot better, but I’m very excited and here are some quick reasons why.

  1. Activity feeds. For me, I can remember what I shouted, who i added as my friend, what forum posts I made, and more. For my friends, the same, and I can see what’s going on with them. For any other resource: interesting stuff that people have done. Simple but so effectively because its live.
  2. Live updating charts. This makes me happy, because the charts look more like Audioscrobbler ones, and not only that they update every single damn play. Yay!  Every single play means something new to look at!
  3. Notifications. Easy way to see shoutbox posts and other stuff, other than checking my email.
  4. On the fly recommendations. Again, live updating goodness. No need to explain that!
  5. Library. Big, shiny, pretty view of everything you ever played. And finally you can delete that stuff you thought “jesus, why did I play that”? Apparently I listened to 50 cent! I never realised!
  6. Loved Tracks. They’re finally useful! Remember those tracks you loved but you never remembered because we didn’t have them streamable.
  7. The design. I wasn’t sure about it at first, but I think it’s looking pretty nice. Much more up to date than it was before, but it’s got a little way to go.

There are tonnes more awesome stuff going on, and more stuff to be tweaked, improved on, and cool stuff to be added, we’re not done yet! But it’s 11:30 and I’m not exactly sober. Goodnight!

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