Fruit Pastilles

I recently went into Tesco’s and saw Fruit Pastilles… It’d been a long while since I’d had those, and I was never allowed sweets or chocolate much as a child, and at 30p I thought it was a bargin. I also happened to be quite ill with manflu at this point, so was hoping they would cheer me up. So imagine my dismay when most of the sweets were the lemon or lime flavours! Eugh! Okay I like these, but come on, nothing can beat blackberry or strawberry! (If you follow my boring ramblings on Twitter you’d already know this far)…

So I decided, you know, this is the internet age, and after having my second packet with the majority of lemon and lime, I complained. The Nestle website made it very easy to do so, and even limited you to a silly number of characters so you couldn’t rant for ages. I didn’t really expect any response, let alone an interesting one but I arrived at my parents place this evening to find a letter from Nestle, woohoo! “Blah blah blah, very sorry, we know people have favourites so we try and evenly distribute, some must’ve slipped through, blah blah” but the best bit, a cheque for £2! Woohoo! Do you know how many packets I could buy for £2?! 6.6! 😀

Hopefully with over 6 packets, I should finally be able to enjoy lots of non crappy flavours! Thanks Nestle!

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